Hi I'm Finola Maynard, a Brighton based (East Sussex, England) artist. Since gaining a Masters in design, in 2014, I have run Pop Up Pottery classes in East Sussex, as well creating  bespoke ceramics for retail and commissioned work.

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14 March 2016



Snaps Everyday

19 October 2015

Autumnal Carrot Cake Bake featuring Finola Maynard Ceramics.



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7 September 2015




Spring/Summer 2015

Finola’s Pop-Up Pottery Classes

Mondays at The Mucky Duck

Local Brightonian and Potter Finola, holds the most fun, exciting and relaxed pottery classes, where you can learn how to throw, mould, and be creative with clay. A young artist who makes the most exquisite and diverse pieces herself has exceeded into making her growing passion and livelihood into a craft which she has a great skill into teaching others.

www.brightonvisitor.com [PDF]


Snaps Everyday

8 July 2015

Recently I was asked to photograph an event for a friend, it was Finola Maynard‘s Pop Up Pottery which was being hosted by River Jade Interiors at ‘It Is What It Is’. This was a really interesting evening, the premises in which it was held at is an exciting ever changing shop, where every week it will change hands and house a different project.



Eastbourne Herald

10 March 2015

Families got to mix food and fun at the launch of The Potteryshelf Café at the weekend.

The Potteryshelf bills itself as a pottery painting café, where adults and children can learn how to spin and paint pots, tiles, vases and bowls, as well as enjoying homemade food and drink.