Amateur Pottery Workshop



The workshop is aimed at giving people confidence and encouragement, at helping beginners develop their ceramic skills, and helping the more experienced move to the next level.

week one

• Designer Finola Maynard will demonstrate throwing techniques; and get you practicing to a high standard.

• Team Building Techniques.

• Hand Building Techniques.

• Design Tutorial

The first lesson is all about you finding out about what you want to achieve. Students will be given progress books to keep a record of each workshop. Specialised Ceramic research books will be provided.

week two

• Analysis of research and project designed.

• Progress of throwing with designs.

• Experimental self exploration on the wheel.

• Throwing One to Ones.

week three

• Projects finalised, time to make!

• Throwing final pieces, which can be tutor assisted, or self driven.

• Students should be now at a stage where they feel confident to work by themselves and enjoy using their new skills!

• Tutorial on glazes and texture decisions.

week four

• Final throwing session, finishing off those master pieces.

• Glazing decisions placed

• Group Tutorial


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